Handcrafted Beaded Animal - white/blue/pink


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This friendly-looking beaded animal can take a fine role in uplifting the mood of a room, whether your home decor has rustic or minimalistic style.

Handcrafted by one of the talented artists at a women's initiative in South Africa, it is a unique, one-off creation, an often playful expression of local African talent.

ORIGIN: South Africa

MATERIAL: Beads, recycled cotton, threads

Approx. 10cm (W) x 9cm (H)



The Monekeybiz Bead Project began as a shared vision among three ceramic artists to regenerate the indigenous art of beadwork, while creating employment opportunity for women in the most under-resourced areas of the Western Cape.

The artists date the origins of Monkeybiz to late 1999, when Mathapelo Ngaka-Mtati, then a domestic worker and part-time student at the ceramic studio, approached Barbara Jackson and fellow ceramic artist Shirley Fintz with some beaded bracelets that her mother had made. Recognizing the need for job creation and convinced of the possibility for economic development through the arts, Jackson and Fintz gave Ngaka a bowlful of glass beads, thread, and two beaded dolls that Jackson had purchased at a festival. When Ngaka returned to the ceramics studio with a small doll that she and her mother had beaded, Jackson and Fintz were hooked.

Over the past ten years, this thriving women's economic development initiative has established a vibrant and growing community of nearly 450 bead artists, many of whom are the sole breadwinners within their households, so the artists bead at home, allowing them to look after their families, manage the household and avoid transport costs.

Monkeybiz provides beads, thread, cotton and skills training for the artists, who are paid according to the merit of their work. The fillers used for the beaded creatures are from discarded off-cuts from clothing manufacturers in an effort to recycle.

Monkeybiz artwork is a unique, one-off creation, an often playful expression of local African talent.