Real Shetland Wool Throw Un-dyed - naturally coloured dark brown


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This warm and bouncy wool throw is naturally coloured with earthy deep shades in either dark brown or grey. It’s also silky and soft to touch. Once you wrap yourself up in it, you are snug as a bug in a rug!

Keep it close by your sofa, bed or wherever you can snuggle happily with a cup of tea in the cold winter days.

The 100% un-dyed wool that is used in this throw is sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands. The Shetland sheep, which grow the wool, graze on the Islands’ hills and beaches eating wild heather and seaweed all year around.

The wool is then spun, woven into the throw and hand-finished in Yorkshire.

MATERIAL: 100% Real Shetland Wool
SIZE: Approx. length 162cm (including the tasseled ends) / width 137cm
CARE: Dry Clean

‘Real Shetland’ is a brand of wool by The Real Shetland Company and it is recognized internationally as the guarantee that a product is made of 100% wool sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands.

Once Shetland wool was a most sought after fibre, highly regarded for its uniquely soft and springy touch with the Shetlanders crofting traditions dating back to the Vikings who brought the Shetland sheep breed with them.

Unfortunately the Shetland name was known for being of such quality that it was used by other imitations. Now thousands of items have appeared which carry the name when they clearly aren’t 100% wool sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands. Also with increasing demand for cheaper and inferior alternatives, the lack of a defensible Shetland brand name saw the demand for Shetland wool plummet.

On the Islands, families that had relied on sheep breeding for generations started to turn their back on their trade with many young Shetlanders turning to the oil industry for source of income or leaving the Islands altogether. This left some of the lands unused and led to a drop in numbers of Shetland sheep.

The Real Shetland Company was established to try and regenerate interest in the Shetland wool and reclaim the Shetland name.

Since the company was started, the appreciation for Shetland wool has grown back again and further to the point where there isn’t enough naturally coloured wool to meet the demand. As there is limited amount of wool grown in Shetland, The Real Shetland Company only supplies to companies who respect the story and are willing to manufacture products made of 100% Real Shetland Wool rather than to those who would blend with other breeds and put the ‘Shetland’ stamp on their products.

The Real Shetland Company directly supports over 800 Shetland *crofters on the Islands. (*The crofters are the people who care for the sheep and farm them for their wool.)

The wool is then scoured and combed at a Yorkshire based plant, which has been awarded the title of the most environmentally friendly scouring plant in the Northern Hemisphere.