Hammered Brass Simple Bangle


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This simple brass bangle will look beautiful worn on its own, but it will also look striking worn in multiple strands. Handmade using a 2mm think brass wire that was bent into an imperfect circle and hammered to create the texture on the surface.



Width approx. 6.5cm diameter
Thickness approx. 2mm diameter

This brass jewellery was handcrafted by the makers of Flowering Desert project, based in a rural community of Tamil Nadu, south India.

Flowering Desert was originally started as a training program in 2010 when a south London based fair trade company, Just Trade, offered basic training in jewellery making to local women where there were limited means of earning a regular income. Although the women were already working with textiles using electrical equipments such as sewing machines, they were looking to expand into the area where they could continue working even at the time of a power-cut which isn't too rare an occasion in such rural parts of India. After successfully completing the training period, they adopted the jewellery making techniques.

Today, Flowering Desert continues to provide training to increase the makers' skills and future work opportunities.