Handmade Candle Sitting Owl - white/brown


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It's a sure thing that this colourful, quirky and adorable owl candle will find a perfect spot somewhere in your house: kitchen, living, dining room, porch or garden. An ancient Roman technique called 'millefiore' was used to create the fascinating animal figured wax candle. Each candle is made and finished by hand and no two are the same.




The animal candles are handmade by Swazi Candles a fair trade company based in the rural town of Malkerns, Swaziland. An age-old glass-making technique called 'Millefiori' was used to create this layering colours of intricately patterned candle.

Millefiore, the term of which is a combination of the Italian words 'mille' (thousand) and 'fiori' (flowers), first surfaced in the ancient Roman time, but was perfected in the great glassmaking cities of Murano and Venice centuries ago. On the African coast, between the 16th and 20th century, the Millefiori beads were called 'trade beads' amongst other Venetian glass beads and used as a form of currency to trade without the exchange of money. As a result, the North and West Africans came to make their own variation.

The art of millefiore continues today in Swazi Candles, but instead of glass, the talented candle makers of Swaziland use a special hard wax to create these colourful designs.

Swazi Candles was started by 2 South African art graduates in an old cowshed of a former dairy in 1981. The mountainous countryside being beautiful, and the Swazi people being warm & friendly, it proved to become an excellent place for the little workshop. It soon began to develop a distinctly Swazi flavoured style, and gained a reputation for producing unique candles. Since it was founded, the humble cowshed workshop flourished into an industry that employed over 200 local people by the 1990s; today each candle is still made and finished by the hands of fine handcraft workers and skilled artisans following the Fair Trade principles set out by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).