Handwoven Jute Bucket Tote Bag Diamond Pattern Brown Small


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This geometric patterned bucket tote bag is handwoven using a mixture of natural coloured jute and dyed coloured jute. The contrasting colours allow the pattern to pop, which makes it visually appealing. The jute bag is lined with 100% cotton natural fabric and the lining has inner pocket with a zip closure. The dye used is free of harmful chemicals.

It can fit an iPad.

A great bag for occasions such as a picnic or a summer holiday.



Bag height excluding handles APPROX. 30CM
Circle shaped bottom APPROX. 25CM DIAMETER
Handle length APPROX. 43CM EACH
Inner pocket APPROX. 18CM (H) x 18CM (W)


The jute tote bag is handmade by artisans who live in remote areas of Bangladesh using traditional skills and readily available natural local materials. A Suffolk based fair trade company, Maison Bengal, works with these communities through some of the local NGOs and cooperatives.

Maison Bengal was founded in 2004 by Sheenagh Day, who spent a number of years in the aid industry. After she returned from working in Dhaka in Bangladesh, she decided that fair trade was the most effective way forward to improve the lives of marginalised communities (some of whom live with no electricity, no running water, no road infrastructure and very limited healthcare) by creating an opportunity for their economic empowerment through their craft which they can employ at home in their villages.

Bearing in mind the challenges the producers face in their daily lives: the implications of the monsoon, seasonal flooding and rice harvests, Maison Bengal have developed a very close working relationship with each development partners based on trust, respect and transparency over the years.