Indigo Placemat


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This indigo dyed placemat will bring a soothing effect to your table. It has beautiful hues of deep blue and is naturally textured.

Fine strands of Lutindze grass were dyed using natural indigo dyes and tightly plaited in coils to create this highly decorative yet useful object.

Perfect for occasions such as dinner/lunch parties, to decorate a dining table, garden table, kitchen table, breakfast counter, bar counter.

MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 32cm diameter with 1.5cm thickness


This item was skillfully handcrafted by talented artisans in Swaziland, in collaboration with Madwa.

Lutindze grass was cut from the hills of Swaziland, dried and woven together to form this beautiful pattern.

Everything was done locally from sourcing the natural material, to dying using natural dyes, to hand-weaving.

Madwa is an ethically conscious company based in Cape Town, working with artisans in Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa. Some of the local groups that Madwa work with involve their wider communities, while others work as a single family.

Madwa believes that trade is the most effective way for sustainable growth in these developing countries but that it is equally important to preserve their unique craft heritages. Madwa is committed to empowering the individuals and communities to achieve economic stability and independence through their craft.

All the products are made using natural and sustainable materials.